We all know the global economy is in trouble. Property markets are one of the worst hit, with the credit crunch making it virtually impossible for most people to access credit needed to purchase property.

However, there are still people out there who have cash available to purchase property, and as a realtor, you should be focusing on getting that king of client!

Add Investment Content to Your Site

Adding content related to investment to your website will result in more investors visiting your site, and more potential sales resulting from your traffic. Here are a few ideas you could use to get investor traffic:

• Create hints and tips for investors looking for property to purchase as investments. These could be related to the property itself, or to the procedures involved in investing.

• Property tips, such as which areas are up and coming, what rentals are expected in those areas and other general information.

• If you can, a legal or financial expert’s input, as a blog or regular feature on your site, is another great way to draw investor traffic. Try partnering with a local law firm or accountant who specializes in property, and write expert content for each other’s sites.

• Why not create a page specifically featuring investment property on your site? You could feature apartments and office space that is ideal for buy to rent type investments, or even fixer uppers that can be bought, renovated and sold.

• Perhaps adding two pages relating to investments, one for residential properties, and one for commercial, would also be a good idea.

• Add data and statistics on property investment, including return on investment and other pertinent facts. Most of these are available online, or you could compile your own, based on your geographical area.

• Create case studies, reports, or best practices e booklets, and make them available for free download via your site. By requiring registration in order to download, and making sure your privacy policy mentions it, you build your opt in mailing list, and your potential marketing for investment properties.

• Why not create webinars on investing, or even video tours of your top investment property options for your visitors to download and view, or view online.

• Add a bargain page to your site. With so many homeowners in financial trouble, there are many properties being sold at greatly reduced rates, making them very attractive to investors. By adding a page featuring these bargains to your site, you should find quite a few potential investors becoming repeat visitors to your site.

• Add an RSS feed function to your site, so your visitors can sign up and receive updates directly in their inboxes.

• Start a property investment blog, writing on ideas, trends, news and any other investment related information and feature it, or a link, on your site.

With the property markets suffering as they are, focusing on property investment on your site can be a great benefit to your real estate business, so when planning a new site, or an upgrade to your existing site, make sure you make space for a page or two devoted to the topic!

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